Please help get every Brown vote to the polls!!!

Thank you Massachusetts! You are true American patriots. The country is working beside you getting out the vote and we will not stop phoning until the polls close. We are counting on your vote to STOP the madness in Washington. There are differing polls so do not become complacent. Scott NEEDS every Brown vote across the state. Your vote counts! Make sure you call every family member and friend and tell them to go vote. Then canvass your neighborhood, check with local churches and elderly centers, and get every Brown voter to the polls even if you have to drive them yourself in your pickup truck!!!!!!
Push through until victory is achieved!

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Hey listen up!!!! Important Info: "Should the new senator from Massachusetts be sworn-in before all votes are certified?" is being asked on I say NO, because It's been done beforeby Democrats and we raised a stink about it. So they will say that Brown is not valid if we do it this time!!!


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