Hi all,
I write a nationally syndicated column and in it I endorsed Scott Brown. It was pulled from internet and because the syndication will not retore it, I will no longer be with them. Massachusetts deserved to read about both candidates, and as an Opinion columnist I should be more than able to have my opinion on Brown available.Please visit www.exhaustedrapunzel.com, where it is now posted, and see for yourself - if the link is still live. The Patriot Ledger alone kept it up...kudos to them.
We must be ready to make sacrifices for what is right; this doesn't feel great, of course, but feels right.

Posted via Blackberry from Providence, RI. Keep the faith no matter what the cost.

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Hi Bill,
Google LDeirdre Reilly; Why I am Voting for Scott Brown for U.S. Senate" and go to the link under Patriot Ledger. I will post whole article later if possible; right now I am at sons hockey game.
Deidre, so sorry that you were forced to make such a decision. Can tell from your words that it was dissappointing and it hurt. Understandably so. However, kudos to you for taking a stand on "principle". While the sting of a principly centered outcome often makes you doubt your action. Never allow that sting to deter you from following your internal compass of right and wrong.

For in the face of all adversity, at those internal moments of decision, THAT is when the true character of our soul is revealed. I am certain that the universe will provide you many more, and better, opportunities to share your opinion. The value of which just grew exponentially.

Great job. !! Now turn that dissappointment into positive energy, and spread the word of "hope" that a vote for Scott Brown carries.
Your words mean so much; I can't tell you. Thank you for your support as today I adjust; I've had the column for 12 years! God bless'
And this is DC politics as usual. This is how they work. Best of luck to you. I am from Quincy originally and grew up reading the Patriot Ledger! Stay true to your convictions.
Deidre, having a little extra time on our hands today.... heads up! Just copied you on an inquiry to the publisher of that paper. Perhaps a general retort from a "simple reader" will stimulate their character nerve. No-matter either way you are still awesome. Keep the faith... God Bless you too !!

Deirdre Reilly said:
Your words mean so much; I can't tell you. Thank you for your support as today I adjust; I've had the column for 12 years! God bless'
Deirdre, The choice that was made is a clear indication that THEY DON'T DESSERVE TO PUBLISH YOUR WORK!! Never be fearful to stand on principle!! I fear many of us (including myself) have failed to take a stand for far too long in the name of political correctness or the desire not to offend. It is time to take our country back and I greatly admire you for taking the steps to do just that!! And, I am saying a little prayer that you will be richly blessed with new opportunities, too numerous to contain!!! Thank you!
Thank you so much. I was standing at my son's hockey game (I am in Providence at his tournament)and Iwas thinking about what a great country we live in, where I havedisappoitment, now, but hopefully opportunity, too. Scott Brown is trying to save this for all of us, and I really believe in him.
God bless and good luck,

You have to love the covert works of the Mark Lloyd and the fairness doctrine. Not exactly the same but I've made several postings on Jessica Van Sack's blog at the Boston Herald supporting Scott and questioning some her pieces in a articulate and clean manner and she deletes every comment. But at the same time she allows vile name calling and lies spewed by Martha supporters. The media and their Bias towards conservatives is absolutely amazing.
Deirdre, I just forwarded to you a response that I received from them (Sean Burke). It appears that an editor will be "in-touch" with you directly to "remedy the issue" and I am personally assured that your column will be "returning shortly".

All the best. Good luck and God Bless.
Hi Deirdre,
I couldn't access the link to read your column. This is what comes up "Page not Found
We're sorry. The page you've requested no longer exists. "
However, know your voice DOES exist. I salute you for your decision and I support you. We all must stand up to protect and uphold our constitution and free speech. I agree Massachusetts deserves to read both sides and I believe in making sacrifices for what we believe in. Our troops do so everyday! And so will Scott Brown when he is elected to US Senate! Thank you for the work you do, and I look forward to reading your future columns in media outlets which are worthy of your work and who will support you and freedom of speech! This action to pull your column clearly shows the fear on the other side and the bias that is so prevalent in media today. You will no doubt have opportunites to express your opinion on issues that are important to you. Goodluck & keep the faith.
Thank you for standing up for your beliefs. I am sure it was not an easy decision but that is what having convictions is all about.
Hi Deidre, here is what I found.

Page not Found We're sorry. The page you've requested no longer exists.


Please post your article here. A good place would be on Word Warriors Brown Brigade.
@ http://brownbrigade.ning.com/group/wordwarriorsforscottbrown

Please join our group We want and need folks like you! I'm not sure under what contracts or agreements you write and we don't pay much, maybe an occasional cup of hot chocolate.

I would really and truly like to read what you've written. lol we steal. .........er borrow from each other and borrow especially well turned phrases in quotes. I always laugh out loud when I say ......er borrow......LOL

That is where we writers are hanging out (I'm a non-professional, having voluntarily written for and edited 4 professional newsletters, and 1 for the humane society, and 1 for a social group.

Can you tell us how to find out the advertising sponsors of the medium/media that pulled your article.
Do the words "write advertiser" and "boycott" seem familiar.

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